Straightening your Teeth Later in Life

Posted on 20 May, 2018  in Dental Products

Tooth straightening treatments are ideal for people wanting to achieve a better smile later in life. They can also be used for younger people, but usually, they will be standard metal braces. As an adult, you will usually be given the option of a transparent straightening treatment that is very difficult to see and that will gradually straighten up your teeth over time.

If you are interested in straighter teeth, visit a private dentist. You will usually need to see an orthodontist, who will advise on your treatment and design the specific device for your teeth. Be prepared to pay- braces are usually only available free of charge for young patients, so as an adult patient, it will all need to be private.

You will be able to remove your straightening device, giving you much more freedom than braces. Just make sure you wear it as often as you are told so that it works on your teeth.

Leciester Cosmetic Dentistry – the Right Treatments for you

Cosmetic dentistry is a big decision. It is going to make a big difference to your appearance, and it isn’t going to be cheap. However, it makes a big difference to your appearance for all the right reasons, and it really should be something you think about carefully. So many of us are unhappy with our appearance, and so much of that is to do with our teeth. You can do something about it, by adding cosmetic dentistry Leicester to your next online search. Find out about the practices and treatments that are close to you, so that you can find out about all the different treatments available and have a full understanding of what they can all do for you. (more…)

Are Private Dentists Worth the Money?

Posted on 30 March, 2018  in Dental Care

Private dentists are often going to cost a little bit more than an NHS dentist because you are funding the whole treatment yourself. An increasing amount of people are choosing private dentists over NHS funded dentists – but why? Can it ever really be worth the money?

Quite often, you will get a longer appointment with your dentist if you choose to go private. If you have concerns about your teeth or oral hygiene, then it can be reassuring to have longer with your dentist. This is also good if you are a nervous patient and have a lot of anxiety attached to a visit to the dentist.

Private practices will also have a hygienist, who you will be able to see at all appointments. They check on your oral health and your gums.

In conclusion, it might be worth seeing a private dentist if you have some specific concerns or want to see a hygienist, but it won’t be worthwhile for everybody.

The Benefits of Finding a New Dentist

Posted on 27 February, 2018  in Dental Care

Is it time to find a new dentist? If you find yourself dreading a visit to the dentist, a change could be just what you need. Chances are, you feel this way for a reason. Maybe you don’t like the atmosphere at your current dental practice. Or perhaps you would like a specialist treatment, such as tooth whitening or Invisalign, that isn’t available in your current practice. In all these instances, a change of dental practice would be a really good idea. If you live in or around Leicestershire, look for a new dental practice Leicester online. (more…)

Dentists in Nottingham – Finding a Qualified Dentist you can Trust

Posted on 30 December, 2017  in Dental Care

It’s never easy to find a new dentist. There are lots of different practices around, and many of them will not be taking on new NHS patients. How do you know which surgery is going to be right for you? Can you trust the dental practitioners who work there? Will they be doing the very best for your oral health, or will they be  more interested in making money out of you? Dentistry is a profitable business, after all.

When you search for ‘dentists Nottingham‘, a lot of results are going to be returned. Here are some of the ways you can choose the dentist that is going to be right for you:

  • Think about going private. It will cost more, of course, but you will have access to a variety of different treatments that aren’t available on the NHS. These will primarily be cosmetic treatments, but you will also be able to visit a dental hygienist, which should be an important part of your oral care.
  • Look for a dentist close to you. Nobody likes going to the dentist, so find one close to you in Nottingham. It will make the whole experience more bearable if you are able to visit the dentist easily.
  • Get a free consultation. Many dentists will offer a complimentary consultation before carrying out any work on your teeth, especially for longer, ongoing treatments like braces or Invisalign systems. Find a dentist you are comfortable with and talk through your treatment with them.
  • Look at the practice opening hours. Private dental surgeries should have better opening hours and appointment times. Find one that is going to be convenient for you – if you are paying for your treatment, you want it to be convenient.

What treatments can a dental practice in Nottingham offer? 

Private dental surgeries can offer a broad range of treatments that you simply wouldn’t find available on the NHS. Some of these include:

  • Dental implants. This is where an implant is put into the gum, and new crowns are fitted onto it. This is a more permanent solution than having dentures and it will look incredibly natural, making it a popular option for younger people.
  • Invisalign braces. This is a brace system that is completely clear. It is designed to be as subtle as possible, so people will hardly know that you are wearing Invisalign. You can also take the braces out to clean them thoroughly.
  • Dental surgery. You may be offered slightly different options on the NHS if you need surgery. A private clinic will put your requirements first – if you are a nervous patient and need some sedation, this can usually be arranged for you. They will be able to carry out all kinds of surgery, like tooth extractions and root canal treatments.

Look around carefully and find a dentist that works for you. Personality is as important as anything else, especially if you don’t like visiting the dentist. If you are paying for your treatment, you should make sure you are perfectly happy with every aspect of it.