Is it Time to Visit the Dentist?

In order to keep your teeth, gums and mouth healthy, you should visit a dentist on a regular basis. Usually, most people will see their dentist for a check up once a year and it may be more often than this if you have been experiencing problems with your teeth.

You should also consider visiting your dentist in the following situations:

  • You have persistent toothache that won’t go away. This could be an early sign of something like an abscess. It could also indicate that you need a filling.
  • Your teeth have suddenly become more sensitive. The solution could be as simple as changing your toothpaste but it is best to have a dental examination in case you do need a filling.
  • Your gums are sore or bleeding when you brush. See and dentist and they may recommend you then see a dental hygienist who can clean thoroughly up into your gums.

Are Dental Implants Right for you?

Dental implants are a good option if you want a more permanent solution to tooth loss. Dentures can work as a temporary measure but if you need something that you don’t have to remove and clean, you may want to consider implants. They will look the same as your other teeth and will be fitted onto a metal pole, making them strong and permanent. This makes them a particularly good option for people who still have a lot of their own teeth.

Implants can be costly to have so make sure you know about all of the costs. You will also need to visit a dental hygienist more regularly to keep them clean and healthy. Speak to a private dentist and find out what the cost implications are. You my be able to get a dental plan and pay for your implants over time. They can go over the treatment and explain how implants are fitted.

Are Private Dentists a Good Choice?

Posted on 31 July, 2017  in Dental Care

A private dentist can be a great decision for patients of all ages. They can cater for a variety of requirements, making them more versatile and well rounded than NHS dentists. All dentists are going to be highly qualified and able to deal with a variety of dental problems but only a private dental practice will be able to offer certain treatments.

Privates dentists can off a wide range of cosmetic treatments to help make you feel better about your teeth and your smile. You can take advantage of treatments like tooth whitening, tooth straightening, veneers and implants. This can improve your confidence and help you to like your smile once again.

Of course, treatments like this will come at a price and you will have to be able to fund it all yourself. If it is something you have been considering for a long time though, you should go in for a dental consultation.

Dentists in Leicester

Posted on 31 July, 2017  in Dental Care

Dental care and hygiene are not just about brushing your teeth and flossing three times a day. It also requires regular visits to your chosen dentist to ensure that your teeth will be able to receive the best care that they deserve in order to stay healthy. And if you still need to find that right dentist in your area, it would be best to start your search as soon as possible.

The best way to find the best dentists is to create a list that contains the kinds of dental treatment dentists should be able to provide, as well as the services that you feel that your teeth really need. When it comes to the services that most people look for when visiting a dental clinic, professionals share the following treatments that are worth your serious consideration:

What Professional Dentists Should Offer

* Dental Fillings – having holes and cracks on your teeth can be both unsightly and painful. Look for dentists that offer state of the art dental fillings. This procedure will surely keep your teeth from further damage and decay. (more…)

Choosing a Dentist – the Key Considerations

Posted on 14 July, 2017  in Dental Care

Choosing a dentist is as important as choosing a doctor or other medical professional. You have to choose the person and practice that is right for you. More patients are now choosing the services of a private dentist, as this can offer more flexible appointments and a wider range of treatments. Here are some things to consider:

• The dentists themselves. If you are looking for a more specialist cosmetic treatment like tooth whitening or Invisalign, check whether there are qualified dentists at the practice.
• Accessibility. If you require wheelchair access or need to visit a dentist on the ground floor, let the practice know. A good dental practice will be accessible for all patients.
• Convenience. There are private and NHS dental practices everywhere so find one that is close to you. Ask about their appointment times and see if they can offer you timeslots that work around your job and other commitments.