Some Steps for Finding Your Ideal Dentist in Leicester

Posted on 23 February, 2019  in News

Finding the very best dentists Leicester can offer is going to be the aim of anyone in need of dental treatment in the Leicestershire area. There are lots of dental practices in the area, so you might find that you need to look long and hard before deciding on the practice you will select. There are lots of different ways you can decide on choosing a dentist in the Leicester area, depending on what you need to get from your dentist. To help, this guide will take you through some of the different things you should think about when finding a new dentist in Leicester, helping you to arrive at the best decision for you and your oral health. 

When looking for a dentist in Leicester, we suggest you think about the following:

  1. What treatments do they offer? You might just be going for a general check up at first, but it’s always worth knowing what they can offer in the future. For example, if you need an emergency dentist, will you be able to turn to your usual dental practice in Leicester? This is far more convenient if you can, as they will know your medical history and you will be close to them. If you need more specialist treatments in future, like dental implants or bridges, check if the practice offers these as well.
  2. Have they been recommended? Ask friends and family which dentists they visit, and whether they have been happy with the service. If they have, it might be worth enquiring and seeing if they are taking on new patients. Recommendations is often the best way to find an important service like that of a dentist.
  3. Do you want to go private? A private dentist will usually cost more, but there are many benefits you get for this money. You can take advantage of more treatments and there will usually be a hygienist based at the practice as well, helping you take care of your gums and overall oral health. If you don’t want a private dentist, you may have to wait longer to sign up with an NHS dentist.
  4. Is the location convenient? Visiting the dentist isn’t always people’s favourite thing to do! You can make the visit a little bit easier for yourself by choosing a practice that is convenient for you. Choose a dental surgery that is close to where you live, or that has ample parking, so you can visit easily and won’t be worried about your visits.
  5. What dentists do they have working there? Check whether they have a good range of dentists and dental hygienists, and see if they have orthodontists at the practice as well. This can be useful if you decide you are going to have a cosmetic dental treatment in future, such as a tooth straightening treatment. You won’t have to find anywhere else to go if this is already offered by your current dental practice.

Don’t rush into a decision – find the right dentist for you in Leicester and make sure your oral health is well looked after.

Consulting with a Dentist Ahead of a Cosmetic Procedure

Posted on 25 January, 2019  in News

Cosmetic dentistry offers you the chance to whiten your teeth, make them more straight and, in general, get the perfect smile without having to do more than pay a dentist to help you. However, it won’t be right for everyone. There are always risks involved with any kind of cosmetic procedure, especially those that could involve surgery. And if you decide to have a procedure, it’s important you understand whether the results will live up to your expectations.

This is where the consultation comes in. It’s so important that you understand both what will happen during the procedure, and how your teeth will look at the end of it. A consultation is a chance to spend some time with a dentist and make sure you understand the process, and get some clear insight on what to expect at the end. You should only ever choose to visit a dentist that offers cosmetic consultations ahead of procedures.

Do you Really Need your Teeth Whitening?

Posted on 19 December, 2018  in News

Teeth whitening treatments are popular in the UK, allowing you a simple way to brighten up your teeth. It is simple in that you can keep the whole of your own teeth, unlike with bridges or veneers. All that will happen is that your dentist will lighten your teeth using a solution, in a controlled environment. 

Is it almost too easy to have your teeth whitened? It is now such an accessible treatment, it is worth really thinking about whether it is something you want. If it is not, the cost can be very high and you might be unwilling to pay it. You really must go to a professional dentist to have the treatment, as the do it yourself kits are not reliable. 

If you find that you really suffer in confidence because of your teeth, then a tooth whitening treatment could be perfect for you. Nobody should have to put up with feeling embarrassed about their smile. 

How to Stay Calm at the Dentist

Posted on 18 August, 2018  in Dental Care

If you are a nervous patient, you will know just how stressful it can be going to the dentist. Luckily, there are some things you can do to help. Here are some tips for staying calm during your appointment:

  • Make sure the dentist knows you are nervous. They will be able to reassure you and explain to you what they are doing, which can make it all seem a little less scary and unknown. Tell the receptionist when you are booking your appointment.
  • Take deep breaths. This gives you something to focus on, and it is something you can do even whilst you are having your teeth examined. Breathe in and out for five seconds each.
  • Don’t let your nerves put you off. The more often you go to the dentist, the less scary it will become. The power is in your hands, and with a little bit of practice, you will be able to normalise the experience.

The Argument for Cosmetic Dentistry and Orthodontics

Posted on 18 July, 2018  in Dental Care

Cosmetic dentistry might not feel like a priority for you. If that’s the case, it probably means you are blessed with beautiful teeth that don’t need any cosmetic attention. If you are troubled by the appearance of you teeth, then you might well be able to relate to the importance of cosmetic dentistry.

It’s important that cosmetic dentistry is available to those who want it. It serves an important function, making people happier in their appearance and allowing them to have more confidence. This means they will be happier to smile more! A great smile is something that helps everyone to feel more confident.

Orthodontics involves the straightening and cosmetic movement of teeth. An orthodontist will be able to help you re-align your teeth, something that is going to help you improve your smile enormously. Cosmetic dentistry is always going to have a place in the dental field and will continue to help people feel happier and more content.