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Its Bruxism Awareness Week

25 Oct, 2012 | admin |

Its Bruxism Awareness Week

Bruxism Awareness Week 2012 takes palce this week and provides a vital opportunity for both patients and dental practitioners to learn lessons about the condition, according to the dental splint professionals at S4S.

The condition is believed to affect between 8-10% of the UK population.

Characterised by teeth grinding and clenching, bruxism causes migraines, jaw pain and poor sleep quality for sufferers. It can often go undiagnosed for years.

A number of proven treatments, such as the NTI-tss occlusal splint system from S4S, are now available to offer hope for sufferers.

Bruxism Awareness Week will see initiatives to raise awareness of the condition, and to help sufferers understand that their suffering can be brought to an end with the right help.

The week-long event include a series of seminars and promotional events to draw attention to the scale of the suffering brought about by bruxism.