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What is composite bonding and how much does it cost?

19 May, 2021 | Debbie |

What is composite bonding and how much does it cost?

Composite bonding is a process that dentists do which involves covering the tooth or teeth in a composite resin. This resin can be used to fill gaps, fixing discolouration or to fix a chip in a tooth. It is an easy process which can often be done in less than an hour and requires no anaesthetic. This treatment is not available on the NHS and so has to be done privately. It can cost anything from £80- £300 per tooth so is not cheap but can work out less than porcelain veneers or crowns. Often dentists will do offers where they will charge less if you have more teeth done at the same time. The colour of the resin can be matched to your teeth to ensure that the ones that are covered do not stand out.

The composite is hardened using a UV light which means the tooth can be bitten down on as soon as you leave the dentist’s chair. Unlike with veneers, composite bonding does not require any permanent strict changes to the teeth so they do not need to be filed or drilled.

If you look after your teeth properly, composite bonding can last between 5-7 years.