Choosing Invisalign Treatments in Leicester

Posted on 29 June, 2018  in Dental Products

Leicester is a good place to go if you want the latest Invisalign treatments. There are lots of options for you, as Leicester has many high-quality dentists who are very skilled and high tech in their approach. They will be able to offer you skilled, advanced treatments, like Invisalign Leicester. Orthodontic treatments are not always available privately – you will need to find a surgery that offers you the treatment you are looking for. If you are sure that you want Invisalign, find a dental surgery in Leicester that has a skilled orthodontist in-house who can help.

What is Invisalign? 

Invisalign is a revolutionary treatment that is still relatively new to the dentistry market and has only been around since 1997. It was developed by its founder and only became available in 2000. It is now used by more than 480,000 dentists across the world.

Invisalign consists of a set of plastic braces that fit over the teeth. Unlike metal braces, they are completely removable. They are also virtually invisible when they are on the teeth, making people feel more comfortable about wearing braces. They promote better oral hygiene, as when they are taken out, they can be cleaned fully and the teeth can be brushed thoroughly. It is harder to maintain such high standards of oral hygiene with permanent metal braces.

Who will benefit from an Invisalign treatment? 

Invisalign is highly versatile and it can be used to help many people. It is most often used to treat:

  • Adult patients who want to be able to straighten their teeth without having metal braces
  • Private patients who are looking for teeth straightening solutions
  • People who are very self-conscious about their teeth
  • People who have wonky teeth, or teeth that are not straight
  • People with overcrowded teeth that have become misaligned through overcrowding in the mouth

If you are thinking about having a tooth-straightening treatment, chances are you are unhappy with your teeth. Invisalign Leicester could be just the answer you need. It can help you achieve those beautiful straight teeth without having to have permanent braces – which could actually make you more self-conscious! People won’t know that you’ve got them in, but if you did want to remove them for a certain occasion, that’s absolutely fine.

Where can you get Invisalign?

Only authorised orthodontists can fit Invisalign and provide the full treatment programme. You will need to find a dental surgery where there is a qualified orthodontist available to carry out the treatment for you. Look at the private dental practices in your area – this treatment will not be available on the NHS. You will be able to find a list of their treatments and see whether Invisalign is offered.

Make sure you choose a convenient Leicester-based dental practice, as you will need to go back for a follow-up appointment to have your braces adjusted. Select somewhere that is convenient and that has appointments at times that will suit you. Make sure the orthodontist you choose is highly qualified, as the results all depend on the skill of the person fitting the braces.