Choosing a Dentist – the Key Considerations

Posted on 14 July, 2017  in Dental Care

Choosing a dentist is as important as choosing a doctor or other medical professional. You have to choose the person and practice that is right for you. More patients are now choosing the services of a private dentist, as this can offer more flexible appointments and a wider range of treatments. Here are some things to consider:

• The dentists themselves. If you are looking for a more specialist cosmetic treatment like tooth whitening or Invisalign, check whether there are qualified dentists at the practice.
• Accessibility. If you require wheelchair access or need to visit a dentist on the ground floor, let the practice know. A good dental practice will be accessible for all patients.
• Convenience. There are private and NHS dental practices everywhere so find one that is close to you. Ask about their appointment times and see if they can offer you timeslots that work around your job and other commitments.