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Advantages of Invisalign & Invisible Braces

17 Jun, 2013 | admin |

Advantages of Invisalign & Invisible Braces

Misaligned or crooked teeth are not only unsightly, but they also make the process of cleaning teeth to be difficult.  Wearing braces is the right way to align teeth properly. Conventional braces are uncomfortable, unattractive and painful to wear. Below are some of the benefits of choosing invisalign & invisible braces.
With invisalign & invisible braces, you will not have to attend to so many appointments for adjustment of the braces as you normally would with metal braces. The process is also quick and very easy. The doctor will only need to see if everything is as it should be and if there should be any changes made.
No one is going to realize that you are wearing braces since they are clear. On the other hand, when you wear metal braces, you would feel really awkward when talking to people afraid that they will see it. With invisalign & invisible braces, you are going to talk and laugh without anyone noticing them.

If you choose this type of braces, you are going to be able to see how your teeth look after the treatment. This is possible due to a computer imaging technology. If you have ever worn traditional braces before, you already know how painful and uncomfortable they are. With invisalign & invisible braces, you are not going to develop blisters or experience any pain.

It is also possible for you to take off the braces when you want to since they come off very easily. Patients mostly take them off when they are eating, flossing or brushing their teeth and then put them back on when they are done. This makes everything to be very simple unlike when you are wearing metal braces. You will have to go through difficulties in brushing your teeth and making sure that your mouth and teeth are clean through the wires.

Traditional metal braces have wire and protruding bits of metal which can puncture and scratch the inside part of your gums and mouth. Clear braces are comfortable and smooth.  They do not have any sharp or protruding edges or even bits. Metal braces usually affect decaying teeth and demineralisation. They also use a lot of force when realigning teeth. These issues are not there with clear braces. Generally, clear braces reduce all the damage that is normally caused when one wears braces which includes cavities, gum diseases among others.

When you will be considering clear braces, you will have to go through computerised treatment planning. Therefore, you are going to know what to expect and the duration you will need to wear the braces before you see results.  With metal braces, it is usually a trial and error situation without a precise idea of what to expect.

With clear braces, you are going to have distinct advantages over metal braces. Despite the fact that clear braces cost a bit more, in the end when you see the results, you will agree that they are worth the price.  They are very comfortable, pose less danger to gums and teeth and provide amazing smiles faster.