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Dental implants are permanent replacements for teeth that are missing or loose and need to be taken out. They are one of the most realistic options you can pick to replace teeth, but importantly, they are also one of the most hygienic. Removable options can be removed to be cleaned, but they have more components […]

Looking after children’s teeth will help give them the healthy start in life that they need. Dental treatments for children begin with good examinations on a regular basis, ensuring that teeth are in good health and everything is looking as it should. Dentists can then provide treatments where needed for plaque, decay and chipped/damaged teeth […]

Dental insurance is intended to help you pay for your dental treatment, by offering you cover if you need to have dental treatment. In exchange for paying an excess, your treatment will be paid for by your insurance company. But is this a cost effective approach? Dental insurance is largely very popular because dental work […]

Finding the very best dentists Leicester can offer is going to be the aim of anyone in need of dental treatment in the Leicestershire area. There are lots of dental practices in the area, so you might find that you need to look long and hard before deciding on the practice you will select. There […]

Cosmetic dentistry offers you the chance to whiten your teeth, make them more straight and, in general, get the perfect smile without having to do more than pay a dentist to help you. However, it won’t be right for everyone. There are always risks involved with any kind of cosmetic procedure, especially those that could […]