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If you are looking to improve your fitness then you may of decided the new year was the perfect time to start. Lots of people create themselves fitness goas in December that they want to start to work on in January. When starting any new forms of exercise, you need to think carefully about what […]

If you are wanting to get fit or lose weight then you may consider joining the gym. The gym for some people is the place they go to clear their head and do something they enjoy, for others they may avoid it like the plague. There are a number of different types of gym and […]

If you ever like watching make over programs such as Ten Years Younger, then you will already know that teeth seem to have a huge affect on your overall appearance and if not maintained well, can in fact age you quite dramatically. People have bad teeth for a number of reasons. Sometimes it is hereditary […]

Hypnosis is often thought of as a way of manipulating a patient and is not particularly thought of as being scientific whilst in fact, the main aim of hypnotherapy is not to manipulate the patient, but to give them the tools they require to take back control of their feelings and emotions. Hypnosis comes originally […]

Many children have braces to straighten up their teeth, but as an adult these can move back or you may have missed out on braces altogether. Having straight teeth is something most of us dream of but the fact is that not many people naturally do. IF you are an adult and thinking about braces […]