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BDIA Dental Showcase

Posted on 9 July, 2016  in Events, News

The BDIA (British Dental Industry Association) Dental Showcase is coming soon; The Dental Showcase it is one of the UK’s largest shows where thousands of delegates of the dental profession attend each year. The show aims to put forward new innovative techniques in dentistry, through a showcase of developments from the various manufacturers, distributors and suppliers.

Visitors to the showcase will get to see the latest innovations in dentistry across an unmatched selection of exhibitor stands, where they can view engaging product demonstrations and take up unmissable showcase deals; as well as purchasing the latest dental products. There will also be stimulating lecture sessions also available to attend, where visitors can top up their CPD (Continuous Professional Development).

The showcase will be held at the ExCeL (Exhibition Centre London) in London between 6 – 8 October 2016.

Check out the list of Exhibitors that will be attending on the Dental Showcase website, and view the floor plan.

Improving Dentistry; New NICE Guidelines

Posted on 19 December, 2015  in News

Recently the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) brought out some new guidelines for improving dentistry and general dental practice. The leading charity British Dental Health Foundation (BDHF) has welcomed these new guidelines, and believes they will help dental practices make better informed decisions regarding dental care and promotion of oral health.

An outline of these guidelines, is advice on Oral hygiene and the use of fluoride; diet, smoking, smokeless tobacco and alcohol intake. There are two areas of the guideline, that are set to make a big impact on general dental practices, and the challenges that will arise as a result of these proposed changes; these are as follows:

  1. The challenge: delivering patient‑centred oral health advice.
  2. The challenge: developing new incentives for general dental teams to improve people’s oral health.

Who are these guidelines for?

  • Dentists
  • Dental care professionals – this includes dental hygienists, dental nurses, dental therapists, dental technicians and orthodontic therapists.
  • Dental practice owners and managers.
  • Dental practice administrative staff, including receptionists.
  • Directors of public health, dental public health consultants and strategic leads who plan local dental services.
  • Dental bodies corporate.
  • People responsible for educating dental professionals.
  • Members of the public

For a more in-depth analysis, and the two focus areas of the guidelines, you can check out the NICE guidelines for December 2015 on their website.

How to Clean a Dental Surgery

Posted on 16 December, 2015  in News

Sterilization and the prevention of cross contamination are extremely crucial in health care. In fact, it is a primary role for all dental assistants. Dental assistants make extensive use of Personal protective equipment (PPE) for all dental surgery procedures. It is therefore important to understand the fact that once PPE has been established, the acknowledgements of clean, semi clean and dirty are put in place in the dental surgery.

How to clean a dental surgery

In the process of cleaning a dental surgery, it is strongly advised that we always start with the cleanest surfaces and gradually proceed to cleaning what is considered to be most dirty or contaminated. Some of the clean zones include sterilized instruments, equipment and other medication. Common contaminated zones around the dental surgery usually include the items which are used in treating patients coupled by each and everything which comes into contact with this zone.


Green Tea: The healthy choice

Posted on 16 August, 2015  in News

It took me a while to get into coffee. It wasn’t until my second year at uni that I finally dived into my local cafe nero and took the plunge. “What should I drink if I want coffee but I’m not sure if I’d like it?” I asked naively. It turns out there is such a thing; the moccha. Chocolatey, not overly strong but with just a hint of coffee so you feel all fancy and posh. Since then it’s been my coffee of choice, only getting progressively stronger as I went.


Now though? I’ve moved from having 3 or 4 coffees a day to maybe having one in the morning. I had to try and replace it with something else warm, something else that gives you a bit of a lift but that was a little bit healthier. I decided to go for green tea. I didn’t like it at first; bitter, watery and it gives you the shits. Now though? I haven’t looked back. I feel healthier, aren’t consuming as much sugar or caffeine. Perfect.


How to Find a New and Better Dentist in the UK

Posted on 4 August, 2015  in News

How to Find a New and Better Dentist in the UK
If your current dentist is not meeting your specific needs, you may have to find a new one. There are a good number of these medical professionals in the UK, which means you will not have any major difficulties choosing a new one. But the big issue remains to be how to choose the right dental doctor from the many doctors in the country. Read on to learn how to find a new, more perfect dentist in the UK.

Know what you lack from your current dental doctor

Maybe your current doctor offer limited services or doesn’t deal with dental health issues of some age groups. If your doctor doesn’t deal with kids’ dental health, you may have to find a new one who will treat all of you in the family. Dental doctors cover a number of specialisations, including oral surgery, tooth extraction, gum diseases, dental braces and kids’ dental health. Some dental experts handle all these specialisations. So it is advisable to choose these experts.

Get recommendations and references

Your friends, coworkers and neighbours may be aware of some of the best dental doctors in the country. So it is wise to ask them for recommendations. Your physician can also be helpful. Ask him or her for a referral. Other great places to get recommendations and references are professional associations and boards. British Dental Association has been helpful to those looking for the dental professionals in the UK. Other dental associations you may have to visit are British Dental Industry Association and Association of Dental Groups.