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Straightening your Teeth Later in Life

Posted on 20 May, 2018  in Dental Products

Tooth straightening treatments are ideal for people wanting to achieve a better smile later in life. They can also be used for younger people, but usually, they will be standard metal braces. As an adult, you will usually be given the option of a transparent straightening treatment that is very difficult to see and that will gradually straighten up your teeth over time.

If you are interested in straighter teeth, visit a private dentist. You will usually need to see an orthodontist, who will advise on your treatment and design the specific device for your teeth. Be prepared to pay- braces are usually only available free of charge for young patients, so as an adult patient, it will all need to be private.

You will be able to remove your straightening device, giving you much more freedom than braces. Just make sure you wear it as often as you are told so that it works on you teeth.

Leciester Cosmetic Dentistry – the Right Treatments for you

Cosmetic dentistry is a big decision. It is going to make a big difference to your appearance, and it isn’t going to be cheap. However, it makes a big difference to your appearance for all the right reasons, and it really should be something you think about carefully. So many of us are unhappy with our appearance, and so much of that is to do with our teeth. You can do something about it, by adding cosmetic dentistry Leicester to your next online search. Find out about the practices and treatments that are close to you, so that you can find out about all the different treatments available and have a full understanding of what they can all do for you.

Some of the most popular cosmetic dental treatments 

Cosmetic dentistry is not a step to be taken lightly. However, when you do decide to do it, you will see big results and can dramatically improve your life. There are many trained dentists and cosmetic dental surgeons who can carry out the work for you in Leicester, meaning that you will have plenty of choice when it comes to the location of your cosmetic dentistry.

Here are some of the most common treatments that you might be considering:

  • Crowns. These are fixed onto or over the tooth to change its appearance in some way. Crowns will often be used if you have damaged a tooth and it has broken or chipped. The crown will hide this and make your teeth look more uniform, as the crown will be made to blend in with your existing teeth.
  • Bridges. Similar to crowns, bridges are used to alter the appearance of a tooth but they are usually used if a tooth is missing. They might be fitted between teeth to mask the fact that a tooth has come out.
  • Veneers. Less permanent than crowns, veneers are fixed onto teeth to change their appearance. They might be used to hide teeth that are wonky or crooked, or teeth that are slightly chipped. Some people will also use veneers to make their teeth whiter.
  • Tooth whitening. This is where the teeth themselves are whitened, by the application of a solution to the teeth. This will be a gradual process that will take place over time, so you can achieve the whiteness you want.
  • Straightening treatments. There are various ways an orthodontist can straighten out your teeth. They can use traditional braces or, if you want something more subtle, Invisalign. These are clear braces that are much less visible, and that can also be removed.

Is cosmetic dentistry right for you? 

If you have concerns about the way your teeth look, then cosmetic dentistry is a great decision for you. It is of course a decision you should take seriously, but talk to your Leicester dentist to make sure you are going into the process fully aware of what is going to happen. They can make sure you know what to expect and talk you through the treatment in greater depth.

Are Dental Implants Right for you?

Dental implants are a good option if you want a more permanent solution to tooth loss. Dentures can work as a temporary measure but if you need something that you don’t have to remove and clean, you may want to consider implants. They will look the same as your other teeth and will be fitted onto a metal pole, making them strong and permanent. This makes them a particularly good option for people who still have a lot of their own teeth.

Implants can be costly to have so make sure you know about all of the costs. You will also need to visit a dental hygienist more regularly to keep them clean and healthy. Speak to a private dentist and find out what the cost implications are. You my be able to get a dental plan and pay for your implants over time. They can go over the treatment and explain how implants are fitted.

Is it too Late for you to Get Braces?

Often, people will get braces fitted when they are children or teenagers. It’s a popular treatment once all of the adult teeth have come through and a dentist can see that some work is going to need to be done. If you didn’t get braces as a youngster though, it isn’t too late.

Braces are a good idea if you want to fix your teeth so that they are straighter, closer together or have a better bite. You can get braces or another kind of orthodontic treatment to fix the problem at any age via a private dental clinic. You will have the luxury of being able to choose any clinic you want to and if you have dental insurance, you may be able to claim through this.

If you would prefer not to have obvious metal braces at an older age, you could get Invisalign as an alternative. It is transparent and practically invisible so you won’t need to feel self-conscious.

Ouch! Being Scared of the Dental Drill!

Some people have had painful encounters with the dental “drill” because they weren’t properly numbed or at all. Unsurprisingly, if this has happened you are likely to feel terrified of the “drill”. Thinking of the sound alone will make you feel very anxious.

However, there should be no pain once the tooth is properly numb – only vibration and light pressure. Once you have learned to associate the sound of the handpiece with pain though, it can be quite hard to unlearn this association.

Few people like the sound of the handpiece, even if they haven’t had bad experiences in the past. Electric handpieces are quieter than traditional handpieces and thankfully are becoming more commonplace – they are quite a bit more expensive though. But also, the traditional air-driven models have become much quieter over the years (some brands are quieter than others).

People may also associate the handpiece with an attack on their bodily integrity. It may be useful to know that when a dentist cleans out an area of decay, this area is actually made of a mushy material, and not hard like the enamel on the tooth.