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Category Archive : Dental Care

Not many people like to visit the dentist but doing so on a regular basis can allow you to catch problems quickly and rectify them before they have the chance to cause too much damage. Most adults should go to the dentist at least once a year, but this can be anywhere from 2 months […]

Regular check ups at the dentist are essential to maintain dental hygiene and keep your teeth and gums in good order. IF you are not already registered with a dentist then you should get your name down as soon as possible. Some dentists are private whereas most offer NHS and private dental care. You will […]

If you have to have dentistry work done that falls outside the usual bands covered by the NHS then you may be shocked to find out the price. You see lots of celebrities going round with perfect white teeth and often they have had veneers done. Chipped teeth, discolouration or damage can really make a […]

Lots of people have a phobia of the dentist. Often children develop a phobia because they see a parent is worried about going to the dentist or because they have had an unpleasant experience. This can stay with them a life time and put them off going for regular check ups. The problem is, the […]

Going to the dentist is never a nice experience for anyone and children can often feel very nervous, especially if they have been with an adult that is worried about going. It is very important to everyone to go to the dentist, especially children. You may feel that your child does not need to go […]