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Author: Debbie

Lots of people have a phobia of the dentist. Often children develop a phobia because they see a parent is worried about going to the dentist or because they have had an unpleasant experience. This can stay with them a life time and put them off going for regular check ups. The problem is, the […]

If you are wanting to get fit or lose weight then you may consider joining the gym. The gym for some people is the place they go to clear their head and do something they enjoy, for others they may avoid it like the plague. There are a number of different types of gym and […]

Going to the dentist is never a nice experience for anyone and children can often feel very nervous, especially if they have been with an adult that is worried about going. It is very important to everyone to go to the dentist, especially children. You may feel that your child does not need to go […]

If you ever like watching make over programs such as Ten Years Younger, then you will already know that teeth seem to have a huge affect on your overall appearance and if not maintained well, can in fact age you quite dramatically. People have bad teeth for a number of reasons. Sometimes it is hereditary […]

Some people do not like the idea of having to buy different toothpaste for their child so will let them use the adult one, but this is not recommended as adult tooth aste contains higher levels of fluoride which can be dangerous is swallowed. As children are more likely to swallow toothpaste a lower fluoride […]